Cabinet Selection

Cabinet Selection

Peer inside our display cabinet, filled to the brim with premium delectable delights, and make an indulgent selection to enjoy alone or share with friends and family.

Each unique flavour is available in 100g bags or you can also buy in bulk for conferences, weddings and celebrations of any kind. See Specialty Sales or Contact Us to discuss your requirements. 

Looking for your favourite? Call Us on (03) 9499 9638 for help.


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Peppermint Leaf Milk 100g
Turkish Delight Milk 100g
Turkish Delight Dark 100g
Cafe Latte Milk 100g
Caramel Baton Milk 100g
Caramel Baton Dark 100g
French Nougat Milk 100g
French Nougat Dark 100g
Orange Liqueur Milk 100g
Vanilla Caramel Dark 100g
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